Make training and fitness fun!

I founded Train With Underdogs, LLC. in 2019 to offer the people and pets of Philadelphia, PA the best method of training. Train With Underdogs, LLC. is a fully certified business and now expanded into the classroom structure at PHL Athletics in South Philadelphia.

We are beyond excited to offer this canine fitness class. Especially in the city, it is so hard to find the right environment to get a mentally and physically stimulating canine workout on. Our philosophy is embedded in science based methods. For class you'll need tasty treats and a clicker. Option to buy clickers in class.

The best fit for this particular is truly any breed of any age. Dog or pup must be non-dog reactive. If you're not quite sure if your dog is dog reactive in a class setting let's set up a time to meet!

If you have any questions whatsoever please email Michelle at

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