How it works!


Initial Consultation

Personalized and Professional

Getting to understand the root cause! Within our first consultation together, we will dig deep into the reasons why the behavior exists and what can be done to improve the human + dog bond. You'll feel at ease as we discuss goal behaviors designed just for your dog.

Walk and Train

Accommodating Your Lifestyle in Philadelphia, PA

This service includes: Trainer + your dog. During this one on one time a professional trainer will take your dog for a walk while training alternative behaviors to promote a harmonious bond between handler and canine.

Session Packages

Time for Your Pet

After the Initial Consultation a discounted rate will be applied to 4 Sessions or 8 Sessions. During this time you'll have the full availability of a professional trainer via email. Homework and training plans will be given in-between sessions for the best learning experience possible.

Virtual Training

Work with a professional trainer from anywhere!

Virtual Training works just as efficiently as in-person training. Whatever the training desires may be, the knowledge and coaching you'll receive will boost your confidence as a dog guardian. Email trainwithunderdogs@gmail.com now!

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